Captain Anilyse Jacques

Ani is a former captain of Breland Army.


Captain Anilyse Jacques, Ani, was born in Vathiron, Breland to a military family. Following in the footsteps her parents and siblings, she joined the Breland military taking up front lines against Cyre. She became a captain and was known for her ability to get her men out alive. When the war ended, Ani decided to go beyond her small town and travel the world with her talents as a bard.

Ani frequently stops in Sharn, Breland to visit with old war friends and recoup money lost in travels at the local taverns that let her play. Although she considers Sharn her new home, she still desires adventure and travel. She’s currently on the way to the Courdain Island in the Lhazaar Principalities to try her luck at adventure and money making there.

Captain Anilyse Jacques

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