Drow in Eberron inhabit the jungle continent of Xen’drik as well as sections of Khyber. They are not an offshoot of the elven race like in many other worlds but rather a separate, if similar, race. They are tribal in nature, and rarely leave their jungle homelands.

Most tribes worship a male scorpion deity known as Vulkoor, though exceptions are common. It is believed that Vulkoor is actually one of the forms of the Mockery. The tribes are often xenophobic, and the social structure varies from tribe to tribe. It is known that the drow mastered elemental binding before gnomes did- including a cultural group of fire-elemental binders called the Sulatar. There is also a subgroup called the umbragen, or shadow elves, who worship the Mockery in the form of a scorpion god and Khyber or the Umbra, the Consuming Shadow, for whom the umbragen are named; the umbragen dwell underground beneath Xen’drik and are noted for producing many warlocks.

Drow in Eberron run the gamut from almost feral in nature to being fully civilized and on par with the cultural level of Khorvaire, varying from tribe to tribe.

Drow in Khorvaire

A drow who makes his or her way to Khorvaire is extremely rare. Most citizens of the continent have never seen a drow and only know of them in stories. These stories are usually tall tales about the horrors expeditions have encountered in the Xen’drik jungles and the barbaric inhabitants found there.

Needless to say, drow are misunderstood and thought of as simple savages at the least, and feared and despised for the most part.


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