To build a gnoll, use this Playing Gnolls , but ability bonuses are +2 Con and +2 Dex/Str.

Gnolls in Eberron

Although most of Eberron’s gnolls are the ravenous, demon-worshiping creatures of campfire stories, a small number have risen above their chaotic, bestial natures. Called the Znir Pact—named for the location in Droaam where they abandoned their demonic overlord—these gnolls banded together in a small but remarkably stable gnoll nation. The group is strong enough to retain its independence, and the gnolls earn healthy sums of money serving as mercenaries,
trackers, and raiders for the warlords of Droaam or anyone outside the borders of that nation who can pay appropriately.

Typical gnolls still worship the demon known as the Beast of Butchery. These gnolls mostly live in the Demon Wastes, although sizable tribes also appear in the Eldeen Reaches, the Shadow Marches, and in portions of Droaam not occupied by the Znir Pact gnolls.

Gnolls and Dragonmarks

There has never been a case of a gnoll manifesting a dragonmark.


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