This race is expanded with homebrew rules! Please be aware that it may be super awesome. Feel free to suggest more feats or changes.

Racial Traits

Average Height: 3’6" – 4’0"
Average Weight: 60-75 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity/Charisma
Size: Small
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Draconic
Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth, +2 Thievery
Trap Sense: You gain a +2 racial bonus to defenses against traps.
Shifty: You can use shifty as an encounter power.

Shifty Kobold Racial Power
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You shift 1 square. Before or after the shift, designate an adjacent enemy. That enemy grants you combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

Kobold Feats – Heroic

Prerequisites: kobold, shifty, DEX 13
Benefit: When using shifty, you may treat difficult terrain as normal terrain.

Ambush Tactics
Prerequisites: kobold
Benefit: You gain a +3 feat bonus to initiative and whenever you attack a surprised enemy you gain a +2 bonus to that attack.

Shifty Recovery
Prerequisites: kobold, shifty
Benefit: When you use your second wind you can also shift 1 square.

Kobold Slinger
Prerequisites: kobold
Benefit: You gain proficiency with the sling and all picks. In addition, when you hit with a weapon attack using a sling or pick, you gain a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls. This damage scales to +3 at 11th level and +4 at 21st.

Least-Favored of the Gods
Prerequisites: kobold
Benefit: Whenever you fail a Stealth, Bluff, or Thievery check, all allies within 10 squares of you get a +2 bonus to their next skill check.

Draconic Vision
Prerequisites: kobold
Benefit: You gain darkvision. In addition, you gain a +2 to perception.

Draconic Lackey
Prerequisites: kobold
Benefit: Choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison. You gain resist 5 to the chosen damage type.

Prerequisites: kobold, STR 15, CHA 15, Draconic Lackey feat
Benefit: You gain the Dragonborn racial ability: Dragon Breath and may use it as an encounter power in place of Shifty. When you take this feat choose CON, DEX, or CHA as the ability score you use when making attack rolls with this power. The damage from this attack is the same type as the resistance gained from Draconic Lackey. In addition, you can take feats that have Dragonborn as a prerequisite as long as you meet the other requirements.

Kobolds in Eberron

Goblins have a militant and imperious nature; orcs practice savage and tribal ways. Kobolds, on the other hand, seem to have no particular way at all . As individuals, they have an array of motivations—greed, faith, patriotism, hunger—yet no singular cultural identity drives their race. Or at least, there isn’t one that the civilized humanoids of Khorvaire have been able to identify.

Small kobold tribes live in most mountainous or jungle regions, but few sizable populations exist. The largest kobold population dwells in Shaarat Kol in Droaam. Large kobold tribes are also prevalent in the jungles of Q’barra and in the Demon Wastes. Kobolds come into conflict with other races most frequently in the mountains of Zilargo, where they battle against gnomes. Scholars believe that a large kobold population exists on the continent of Argonnessen, but no
one can say for certain.


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